Podcast Interview with Todd Macey: Getting Buy-In for Training Sessions


Vital Learning President Todd Macey was recently featured on Jeremy Shere's podcast, "The L&D Show" giving insights into achieving employee buy-in for training sessions. You can listen to the full episode below, or find it on your favorite podcast app. 



During the interview, Jeremy and Todd discussed

  • Why achieving buy-in matters in the first place
  • How to communicate your "why" when it comes to training
  • Why quantitative feedback paired with qualitative feedback can be powerful in measuring outcomes, and communicating them to future participants to achieve buy-in
  • And much more...

Here are some notable quotes from the episode

"Whenever you can get buy-in from the get-go [...] the learning outcomes tend to improve dramatically"

"The communication plan and getting that buy-in before learning starts is something that tends to fall to the bottom of to-do lists, just because L&D folks tend to be so busy today."

"If you look at a learning and development initiative and roll out, what tends to get communicated are the logistics: what courses you need to take, where you need to show up for classroom training, that kind of thing, which are all important. But what we find is really critical to communicate is the why. So in other words, why are you doing this? Why are we going through this initiative as an organization?"





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