Vital Learning Gets a Brand New Look

Today we are officially releasing our brand new look and website and are bursting with excitement. Our new website is more than just an updated look – it represents the tremendous improvements that will result from the changes in systems and processes that all of us have been relentlessly pursuing over the past year. These changes will enhance the interactions, relationships and impact that we can have with our customers, partners, and colleagues.

The story behind our new logo

Why a tree? Many of the characteristics of trees—strength, connectedness, growth, and vitality—deeply resonate with all of us at Vital Learning. But more importantly, when we stepped back to think about who we are, who our customers are, and what they are seeking from our products and solutions, it was clear that our content is essential and fundamental to the career growth of our end clients. Just like the role and influence that trees have on our daily lives, Vital Learning’s courses are essential and fundamental to the continued success of managers, supervisors, and team leaders. They are Vital.

Our new website

We are thrilled to officially launch the new website ( We went live last night and are excited to share it with you. The new website was designed to be clean, to be easy to navigate and to enable visitors to quickly find what they need.

If you have not yet visited, please check out:

Let us know what you think of the site in comments below.

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