Dealing With Difficult Customer Situations

Category:   Customer Service

Effectively managing difficult and hard-to-please customers is challenging, but resolving customer issues and concerns in a productive way helps your organization build stronger relationships with your clients.

Providing quality customer service results in great reward and satisfaction. Your customer service representatives must have the skills to successfully manage your customers – skills that are developed through customer service training. In addition to following predetermined guidelines for dealing with difficult customers, successful customer service representatives must utilize an array of techniques to diffuse challenging situations.

Vital Learning’s Dealing With Difficult Customer Situations™™ is a customer service training course that gives representatives the tools and skills they need to successfully navigate interactions with demanding customers. This online course in customer service training teaches service employees general guidelines for dealing with difficult customers, calming and focusing techniques, problem-solving tips to help customers resolve issues and ways to effectively communicate with customers.

Learn to:

  • Build a proactive, problem-solving culture
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently with customers
  • Recognize and adapt to a customer’s personal behavioral style
  • Identify and utilize a structured process for conducting customer service transactions

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