Delivering Customer-Focused Service

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Your customers are the pulse of your organization, and the ability to deliver exceptional customer service directly affects your company’’s bottom line. Providing a positive customer service experience begins with focusing on the customer.

Your customer service team’s appearance, courtesy, friendliness, effective communication and positive attitude, as well as their knowledge and understanding of the company’s products and services, are crucial to delivering customer-focused service. It is paramount to the success of your organization to provide your customer service team with the essential tools to address customer needs while demonstrating professionalism and empathy.

Vital Learning’s Delivering Customer-Focused Service™™ course teaches representatives the skills they need to own the customer service experience. Through the course, customer service representatives find out how to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers as they develop a clear, practical understanding of the four-step customer service model:

  • Step One: Establish a professional relationship
  • Step Two: Identify how to help the customer
  • Step Three: Provide the required service
  • Step Four: Complete the transaction and follow up

Learn to:

  • Display professionalism and understand its impact on the customer service role
  • Identify the four essential communication skills
  • Internalize and employ the four-step customer service process

Make every customer happy by providing positive customer service experiences. Learn how to engage and satisfy customers from Vital Learning.

Develop Customer-Focused Service Habits

Customer Service Course Preview

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