Making Customer Recommendations

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Your sales team is vital to your organization. Since sales have a direct impact on the bottom line, increasing sales productivity is critical to the success of your organization.

Successful sales professionals do not sell products or services; they sell solutions that help customers reach their objectives. Effective sales skills focus on solving problems for customers, and successful salespeople help customers discover solutions to their challenges by asking questions. Your sales team’s ability to accurately understand customers’ objectives is the foundation for creating valuable recommendations and building an effective sales strategy.

Vital Learning’s Making Customer Recommendations™™ is a sales management training course that teaches sales professionals how to increase their sales productivity by showing them how to uncover the customer’s objectives through a discovery process. The course provides an interactive environment for sales professionals to develop their sales strategy and skills, and is designed to help them increase their effectiveness in making customer recommendations.

Learn to:

  • Identify and listen for clues to customer needs
  • Build consensus with customers
  • Translate product or service features into benefits
  • Create effective recommendations based on customer needs

Putting time into the right sales management training program yields a high return on your investment. To find out how sales skills training increases productivity, contact Vital Learning today.

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