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A small typographical error in a letter or proposal reflects poorly on your organization. It may even result in a potential customer, supplier or partner deciding not to work with you. Effective proofreading training for you and your team members is critical.

As a manager and team leader, you must be able to proofread not only your work, but also the work of your team members. This is essential to helping create a positive perception of your organization. But, any employee who generates written communications must demonstrate an agile proofreading process. Today, email is ubiquitous and the preferred method of contact for many. Whether the communication is internal or external, and regardless of its format –– printed newsletter, email or posting on the Web –– overlooked errors damage an organization’s credibility and office professionalism.

Vital Learning’s Proofamatics™™ is a proofreading training course that helps employees improve accuracy in written communication by equipping each participant with enhanced proofreading skills. It highlights the errors most commonly made in written communications and provides a system for finding them.

Learn to:

  • Increase the accuracy of written communications
  • Increase proofreading speed
  • Present a professional image in writing

Are you ready to boost office professionalism by tightening your proofreading process? Contact Vital Learning for guidance on how to get your company in top shape.

Perfect Your Proofreading Skills

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