The Incoming Sales Call

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Your company relies on the effectiveness of your sales team to drive revenue. Effective sales teams help develop profitable, long-term relationships with your customers, and incoming calls represent tremendous opportunities to do so. You must ensure that members of your team have the skills and tools they need to convert incoming calls into long-term relationships.

The relationship that sales representatives establish with customers in the first few seconds of a call dictates their chances of success. Therefore, the first words they speak are often the most important part of the entire interaction. In this initial phase of a call, salespeople establish whether they and the organization are professional and responsive to customers. Investing in incoming sales call training allows sales representatives to not only provide customers with excellent service, but also look for opportunities to offer products or services that are targeted to the caller’s needs, thereby increasing sales productivity.

The Vital Learning Incoming Sales Call™™ training course teaches sales professionals how to handle incoming sales calls effectively. Through customer service training activities, sales professionals learn how to ensure that customer conversations and relationships begin positively. In addition, they find out how to transition interactions from a one-way order-processing exchange to a two-way sales conversation. This course takes an interactive approach to building sales skills and is designed to increase salespeople’s effectiveness in identifying opportunities to provide customers with additional products and services.

Learn to:

  • Portray professionalism and responsiveness to customers
  • Use effective listening skills
  • Identify opportunities to sell additional products and/or services
  • Transition from providing a service to having a sales conversation

Increased sales productivity is your ultimate goal. Find out how to boost sales effectiveness by contacting Vital Learning today.

Master The Incoming Sales Call

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