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Affiliate Advisory Board: Support From Training Experts

Leveraging Experience To Drive Impact

To ensure that every management training program is relevant and helpful to the end user, we organized a board of specialists in management training. Because all of our training solutions are sold exclusively through our Affiliate Partners, it is vital for us to have a board of manager training specialists to represent the voice of our Affiliates. The experience, input and feedback of the 10 Affiliates on our Advisory Board enable us to create products, comprehensive solutions and beneficial management training programs that best meet the needs of our Affiliates’ clients.

The Affiliate Advisory Board


Susan (1)

Susan Stamm  – Susan is the President of The TEAM Approach (,  based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she facilitates learning, coaches clients, and supports the training team. Susan serves on the Membership Committee for the Central PA Chapter of ATD. and is the author of "42 Rules of Employee Engagement" and a contributing author to "10: The Top Tens of Employee Engagement" She has a Graduate Degree in Management and Instructional Technology from La Salle University.




Janet Frazer

Janet Frazer  – Janet has managed her own training firm ( for over 25 years serving all sectors of business, government and education. Having an undergraduate degree in Business and an advanced degree in Leadership and Educational Policies, she is a Past President of the Chicago Chapter of the Association for Talent Development. Since 1989 Janet has participated in various sales and advisory roles for Vital Learning.

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