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With over a quarter of a century of experience, we’ve built a proven process for developing and training successful leaders. Following this 3-part process is a recipe for creating exceptional managers. Here’s a high-level summary of what we do and how our Leadership Essentials courses are delivered and reinforced:


1. Foundational Skills

We start with the fundamental leadership and communication skills that effective individuals and managers absolutely must use every day. We call these the “Foundational Skills.” These two topics are covered in the Essential Skills of Communicating and the Essential Skills of Leadership courses.


2. Acceleration Skills

After building the foundation, participants develop their “Acceleration Skills.” The Acceleration courses help leaders handle the various situations they will inevitably face on the job as a manager. The courses cover 10 different topics, such as coaching, delegating, goal setting, providing feedback, resolving conflicts, and supporting change. The foundational skills of communicating and leadership are used and reinforced throughout the series.


3. Practice, Practice, Practice

What ties it all together is practice early and often. This is what Vital Learning does better than any other leadership development solution. Practice is built in from the very beginning of the classroom, online, and blended courses, is used throughout the process and continued over time.

Ultimately, our goal is for managers to actually use the fundamental management skills back on the job. Practice helps develop a comfort level and confidence with new skills so the skills are applied. A few ways practice is built in to our process:

  • Experiential exercises
  • Short scenarios (often video-based)
  • Skill practice (role play)
  • “48 Hour Reinforcement” exercise
  • On-the-Job Worksheets
  • “Vital Boost” reinforcement app
  • Follow up skill practice sessions


Want to learn more about best practices for developing today’s leaders? We’re happy to share them and create a customized learning plan that best fits you.

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