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Check out these free leadership resources for actionable information on leadership & management training, from which type of manager you are to the health of your organization.

Why The Right Leadership Training Program Matters

Why The Right Leadership Training Program Matters
Learn how one manufacturing company improved performance, productivity, and communication with Vital Learning's practical management skills solution.

Professional Goal Setting [Assessment]

Professional Goal Setting Assessment
How do you know if you're setting your professional goals properly? Take our quick 10-question quiz to determine if you're effectively setting goals for your team.

Organizational Health Check [Quiz]

Organizational health Check.jpg
Are you facing increased employee turnover? Ineffective leadership? Communication breakdown? Diagnose the health of your organization in 5 minutes.

Professional Development & Goals [Checklist]


Complete this 3-step worksheet to determine both the professional development & performance goals you should focus on as a leader.

Which Iconic Manager Are you? [Quiz]

Think of the bosses on your favorite TV shows and movies. Take this quiz to find out which fictional boss you most emulate with your management style.

Management Training Debate [eBook]


Download "Compliance-Based Vs. Commitment-Based: Settling The Management Training Debate to learn information on transforming your company's training approach.

Succession Planning Guide [Whitepaper]

Are you ready to discover a strategic approach to succession planning? Download Vital Learning's complimentary guide now to start the process.

Change Management Guide [eBook]

Download Change Management: 5 Principles To Combat Ineffective Leadership to learn about transforming the way your managers operate.