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Every manager is unique. Every company is unique. That’s why our solutions are designed to adapt to you. Vital Learning provides classroom, online, blended and mobile delivery options. Our turnkey solutions can easily be custom-tailored for each individual and organization, with office, healthcare, and manufacturing versions so that they’re relevant and relatable for your people.


Classroom Delivery 

The classroom is the most familiar and commonly used training option for companies.

We offer a classroom experience that is far more effective than the traditional approach. With traditional classroom training, much of the class is lecture-focused with rote exercises mixed in. We’ve found that this is a terribly ineffective way to develop today’s leaders.

Vital Learning’s classroom training solutions focus on learning by doing and interactive exercises. Participants learn concepts and skills by experiencing them, not being told about them. Short scenarios with high-definition video are used throughout the class to develop a comfort level applying skills in different situations. The heart of the class is the skill practice section, where participants pair into groups and work through full team member discussions.

The classroom solution can be taught in-house at your company (with no certification required). Our robust facilitator guides come with everything you need to successfully facilitate the course. If you need additional support, our network of experienced facilitators can run the class or train your trainers.

The classroom course facilitator guide includes:

  • Step-by-step facilitation and course instructions
  • Tools to supplement course instruction (sample trainer narrative, transcripts of video segments, facilitation notes, etc.)
  • A resource USB that includes PowerPoint presentations, course videos, and reproducible worksheets and resources from both the facilitator guide and participant workbook
  • Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center,Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the facilitator
  • Reinforcement exercises and tools to develop skills over time, including access to “Vital Boost” – Vital Learning’s reinforcement app


Our participant workbooks guide supervisors, managers, and team leaders through management training courses, which utilize scenarios, experiential exercises, case studies and real-world skill practice sessions to ensure application on the job. Participant workbooks contain:

  • Exercises, best practices, resources and skill practice aids
  • Just-in-time worksheets and resources for managers to use back on the job
  • Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center,Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the participant
  • Reinforcement exercises and tools to develop skills over time, including access to “Vital Boost” – Vital Learning’s reinforcement app


Online Learning & Mobile Delivery

Today’s busy work schedules and global workforce can make it difficult to send your managers to in-person classroom training. Our eLearning solutions are designed so participants receive the same benefits as classroom learners, but with more flexibility. 

Some highlights of our award-winning online learning solutions:

  • Optimized for every device. An exceptional experience on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. A perfect fit for your multi-device world.
  • Bite sized” modules. Vital’s online courses are chunked into short 7-10 minute modules by topic. This micro-learning approach creates flexibility and makes our solution more digestible and convenient.
  • Learning by doing. This is what we do better than anyone else. Short scenarios, interactive exercises, and robust skill practice sessions help develop confidence with key concepts and skills.
  • Highly interactive, visual and engaging. Our online courses include 160 high-definition videos, interactive graphics, and relevant, industry-specific examples.
  • Skill development over time. Included reinforcement gives participants continual practice to grow their skills over time so they ultimately use these skills back on the job.


Blended Learning Delivery

The “blended” solution is a combination of online learning and abbreviated classroom learning. This is a happy medium of effectiveness and efficiency and is really the best of both worlds. The blended option is designed to be highly flexible to meet your company’s specific needs.



We recognize that it takes time to develop skills and actually use them on the job. Just like driving a car or hitting a baseball, you need time to practice to become an exceptional leader. That’s why we provide follow up reinforcement exercises and resources to help managers develop their comfort level and confidence over time.

As the fundamental skills of good management become natural and intuitive, that’s when business impact occurs. Here are some of the reinforcement resources we include with all classroom, online, and blended solutions:

  • “Vital Boost” – a reinforcement mobile app the provides additional practice scenarios to participants over time
  • Follow-up skill practice sessions
  • On-the-job worksheets and job aids to help as leaders face actual situations
  • Additional reinforcement exercises and activities
  • Lifetime access to our online resources

Need guidance on choosing the solution that’s best for your managers and your company? A Vital Learning Consultant is happy to help you. 

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