Effective Discipline

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Disciplining your team members is a difficult but necessary process to help ensure that the goals and actions of your team members are aligned. Effective discipline has the potential to be a positive learning experience for both you and your team members if this aspect of employee performance management is carried out the right way.

Utilizing strong coaching skills is critical when disciplining your team members. Learning how to use effective discipline as a teaching opportunity and deliver constructive, negative feedback in a way that encourages team members to change without demeaning them is paramount to the success of your team.

The Vital Learning Effective Discipline™™ course provides supervisors, team leaders and managers with the interpersonal performance training necessary to dramatically reduce employees’ problem behaviors. Involving team members in performance discussions and winning their commitment to behavioral change enables managers and team leaders to turn a potentially negative interaction into a positive developmental step.

Learn to:

  • Encourage self-discipline
  • Deliver disciplinary actions to team members
  • Use discipline as a positive growth experience

Tackling a leadership skill like effective discipline is never easy. Do you face other tough issues in the workplace? Contact us for the training you need to improve your workforce.

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