Hiring Winning Talent

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You and your organization invest significant resources into developing your employees and building a dynamic corporate culture. Hiring qualified employees who perform well and fit in sounds easy, and it can be –– with the right skills.

A successful hiring process does not start with the job posting or end when a candidate has been hired. To make sure your employee search is successful, an efficient and consistent hiring process must be in place before a position is even posted, and a culture of retention should be promoted. As a team leader, it is important for you to have time to identify job competencies, build interview questions and develop a strategy to hire winning talent.

Vital Learning’s Hiring Winning Talent®™ is a talent management course that equips managers and team leaders with proven processes and tools to help them master the art and science of identifying and hiring great talent who will be consistently rated within the top 20 percent of employees throughout the organization. Leaders will learn to implement a structured process that streamlines and enables successful hiring and retaining of winning talent.

Learn to:

  • Define what you’re looking for
  • Plan for interviews
  • Conduct successful interviews
  • Make personnel selections

Curious about what happens after you hire winning talent? For more information on employee retention and other talent management courses, contact Vital Learning.

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