Number Skills

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Small mistakes often lead to substantial numerical inconsistencies that take hours to track down and correct. By improving the ability of your team members to transfer data more accurately and quickly, enhancing the way they work with numbers and increasing their overall performance and productivity, you’re able to save significant time and resources.

Intensified audit requirements, tighter regulations and heightened corporate oversight have elevated the importance of data entry training. It requires both skill and technique to increase productivity in typing, recording, transferring and checking numbers while maintaining accuracy. Improving the precision and speed of your team’s number skills dramatically impacts their success.

Vital Learning’s Number Skills® is an essential employee skills training course that uses visual and listening exercises to teach participants rapid and accurate perception of numbers and letter/number combinations. Based on feedback from hundreds of individuals, the course outlines various tools and techniques that optimize the efficiency and accuracy of employees who regularly work with numbers.

Learn to:

  • Increase accuracy working with numbers
  • Increase the speed of number perception and recognition
  • Mentally retain up to 12-digit numbers
  • Improve the accuracy of number transfer

Maximize your employees’ productivity by honing their number skills. For more tips on improving productivity, get guidance from Vital Learning today.

Sharpen Your Number Skills

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