Winning Through Customer Service

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Frequently, the direct cost of acquiring a new customer exceeds the cost of retaining existing ones. Yet, almost always, the benefits that existing customers bring to your organization far outweigh those of new customers. How do you ensure that your organization capitalizes on the advantages of keeping your current customers?

Positive customer service experiences help you to not only retain existing customers, but also win new ones through positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied clients. The lifetime value to your organization of a customer who is satisfied with the service they receive is tremendous. When customer service representatives understand their role in the customer relationship, they keep customers happy and returning.

Vital Learning’s Winning Through Customer Service™™ is an online customer service training course that uses a variety of interactive training methods to target the skills, behaviors and attitudes with the greatest influence on understanding the customer and providing solutions. In addition, the course helps customer service representatives identify the essential behavior and communication styles that will enable them to understand their customers’ individual styles and needs.

Learn to:

  • Display professionalism and understand its impact on the customer service role
  • Effectively communicate with customers and colleagues
  • Conduct customer service transactions efficiently and effectively 
  • Deal with difficult customer situations

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