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Learners Aren’t All Alike, Nor Are Their Learning Methods

Tailor Course Delivery Options To Meet Your Needs

Every employee is unique. Every company is unique. Every learning method should be unique, too. That’s why Vital Learning provides four different training delivery options to meet the needs of any organization and engage employees to improve their performance. 

Classroom Delivery 

The classroom is the most traditional and familiar learning option for companies.

Vital’s classroom courses include high-quality videos to guide the learning process, as well as assessments before and after the lesson, allowing the facilitator to evaluate the engagement of the audience.

This is the most facilitator-friendly leadership learning method. To cater to individual leadership learning styles, the facilitator is provided with all of the materials he or she needs to conduct the lesson, including:

  • Complete course instructions
  • Tools to supplement course instruction (sample trainer narrative, transcripts of video segments, facilitation notes)
  • A resource CD that includes a complete PowerPoint presentation, reproducible notes and exercise pages from both the facilitator guide and participant workbook
  • Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center, Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the facilitator
  • A DVD with videos of illustrative cases for both the industrial and professional work environments

Our participant workbooks guide supervisors, managers, team leaders and team members through management training courses, which utilize case studies and real-world situations to solidify new skills. Workbooks contain:

  • Exercises, forms and skill practice aids
  • A job aids section with tools and resources for applying skills learned from the course
  • A Memory Jogger Card™, which gives leaders a useful and practical reminder of the course’s skill points
  • Access to Vital Learning’s Online Resource Center, Vital Hub, which contains digital versions of all supplemental information for the participant

Online Learning Delivery

Maybe your employees’ schedules are too tight to get them in a classroom setting. In that case, online learning delivery is the right option for you. Through online learning, participants receive all the same content as classroom learners – videos, quizzes, assessments, etc. – but with more flexibility. 

Online learning courses are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, so employees are able to complete the courses in their own timeframe.

Blended Delivery

Are you looking for the flexibility of online learning AND the human-to-human interaction of the classroom? Choose a blended delivery, which suits multiple leadership learning styles. Lessons are delivered in the classroom, but each participant’s work is completed online in his or her own time.

Mobile Delivery 

You’re always on the go, and so are your employees. Mobile delivery is the leadership learning method for ultimate flexibility. Vital Learning’s courses are all optimized to take on any device at any time.

Mobile delivery is a highly versatile learning method. It gives you quick and easy access to tips, videos and skill points that help managers succeed.

Need guidance on choosing the learning method that’s right for your workforce? A Vital Learning Consultant is available to assist you. 

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