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Molina Healthcare

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Across the country millions of people rely on the quality care that Molina Healthcare provides on a daily basis. Just as its customer’s lives depend on them, Molina Healthcare believes in providing technical and certification training to give its employees the tools they need to provide the highest quality of care.

Moving to a Leadership Development Program

Executive Management knew they needed to address the development of their managers and present enticement for future leaders through leadership training, which led to the development of the Management Development Program. The plan was implemented through four phases:

  1. Evolution - In June of 2012 Molina Healthcare launched a pilot of 300 employees that included participants from the headquarters and several remote locations. Employees participated in an instructor-led classroom delivery of Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating.

  2. People Managers - They selected HR Partners from several state locations that could help with the instructor-led deployment of Vital Leadership courses. These HR Partners incorporated the unified training approach with their counterparts across the organization to incorporate the Vital Leadership Series for their people managers.

  3. Return on Investment – Initiated a comprehensive and ongoing ROI initiative to measure the business impact of the soft skills within the Management Development Program. (ROI Institute is Molina’s partner for this service.)

  4. Integration and Sustainment – It was imperative that the Leadership courses provided a direct correlation and fit with the other topics that Molina offered, such as customer service and company specific on-demand content. This key element is one of the drivers that led Molina to Vital Learning. The HR Partners offer ongoing nuggets of training or huddles that focus the reinforcement needs of their people managers. Additionally, each HR Partner builds a variety of engaging sustainment activities that are implemented by location.

A Leadership Development Program With Accolades 

The Management Development Program provides Molina’s leaders with the skills they needed to be successful in working through everyday tasks to create a positive outcome for working with coworkers and patients. Based on the results of the participant’s surveys using concepts from the ROI Institute the overall program was rated a 4.8 out of 5.0 for satisfaction, relevance and application to work.

One of the primary reasons that Molina Healthcare selected Vital Learning’s Leadership courses as a key component of the Management Development Program is that the managers’ experiences with the skills they have learned from the courses, are aligned with the overall organizational goals and outcomes connect to its mission, values and easily integrate into other programs.

At Molina Healthcare the role of the HR Partner was mission critical to keep the sustainment of the learning ongoing throughout the organization. Molina is growing by increasing their staff by 3,500 employees and they plan to add dedicated trainers to carry on the implementation of the Management Development Program.

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