Effective Implementation: Molex


Molex used Vital Learning’s training solutions to provide essential skills training to leaders at all levels of the company.

You may not immediately recognize the Molex name, but it is likely that you use and depend on many products that the company makes. Molex is a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products. Their portfolio is among the world’s most extensive, with over 100,000 reliable products. The Molex product portfolio includes electronic, electrical, and fiber optic interconnects, as well as switches, and application tooling.

Molex knew that their supervisors needed to improve their management skills. When Molex was trying to find a training solution to develop their leaders, they found that most management training was too theoretical and not hands-on enough to be truly effective for their front-line supervisors. Prior to implementing Vital Learning’s training solutions, Molex had been using Development Dimensions International (DDI) to provide training to these supervisors, and was about to build their own training curriculum from scratch to meet their critical training needs.

The training provided by Vital Learning was tremendously successful. In fact, the program was so successful that Molex expanded its use well beyond the level they intended. According to Joe Misurac, Manager of Training and Development, “. . . use of the Vital Leadership Series has spread. It has been the result of internal word-of-mouth about the quality of the training and its clear impact on job performance.”

Although Vital Learning courses were initially intended to develop front-line supervisors in the Americas, the success and effectiveness of the courses, and the overwhelming positive reaction to it, precipitated an expansion of the program up the management chain and throughout the world. Many managers well above the supervisory level were intrigued by what they heard about the training from their subordinates, and made the decision to go through Vital Learning’s Vital Leadership training. In addition, Molex has translated the Vital Learning program into several different languages, to provide training in other countries.

The use of Vital Learning training has been tremendously beneficial to Molex, but as Misurac says “the most rewarding comment [about the training] was from someone who said that the training had a positive impact on their job and on their marriage. In other words, they took to heart some of the communications skills, took those skills outside of the workplace, and improved their family life.”

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