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The ultimate blended learning solution for managers

One price for unlimited access to our award-winning classroom and online courses, in addition to a suite of  powerful reinforcement tools. 


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A flexible learning subscription that gets results

The new VitalPass comes with all of the benefits of a fully customized approach, with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of an off-the-shelf program. Schedule classroom training sessions, assign custom-tailored online learning paths, and utilize our powerful reinforcement tools for a single annual price.



High Value

Provide critical skills training for your managers at an incredible value. VitalPass users have access to our entire award-winning series of courses for a single price.

Impactful + Targeted

Leverage proven and robust blended learning that empowers effective teams. There’s a reason why our solution has been utilized by over a million managers worldwide. 


Custom-tailor our online, classroom, and reinforcement solutions to best fit your needs. Every organization is different; every training approach should be too.


How it works: Our proven process



Identify Training Needs

What are the challenges your organization
faces? High turnover? Poor communication? Low engagement? We partner with you to identify your key needs and priorities -- the foundation for successful learning outcomes.

Assemble Learning Paths

Based on the needs you identified, your learners are given personalized and targeted learning plans.  Having your team progress through a customized curriculum creates structure, relevance, and accountability.

Choose Your Modalities

The flexibility of VitalPass allows your organization to choose the modalities that work best for you. Assign online courses, plan for and administer classroom training, or combine the two for a comprehensive blended approach.

Reinforce & Build

Reinforcement tools like our “Vital Boost” app, on-the-job worksheets, discussion forums, and just-in-time resources build confidence and experience. Our reinforcement solutions help learners use their skills back on the job.

Practice & Growth Over Time

Training doesn’t end in the classroom or the LMS. VitalPass gives you the ability to coordinate skill-practice sessions, check in on the progress of your learners, and identify areas for further improvement and training.

Outcomes & Data

Quantifying learning outcomes can be a difficult task. Luckily, we’re here to help. The VitalPass solution sets you up to track critical data, measure behavior change, and map results back to your key organizational initiatives. 

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