Managing Complaints

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Your ability to keep an open mind when it comes to managing employee complaints is critical to the morale and success of your team and organization. Complaints highlight your team members’ frustrations and/or distractions, and addressing them negatively or avoiding them altogether affects productivity across the company.

Most employees don’t enjoy complaining, so when you are approached with a grievance, it is typically cause for concern. Knowing how to listen, effectively communicate and resolve complaints is fundamental to ensuring that your team members feel valued, understood and supported, which ultimately leads to greater job satisfaction and increased output.

The Vital Learning Managing Complaints™™ course provides supervisors, team leaders and managers with a proven process and individual skills to effectively manage employee complaints in a way that supports employee and team goals. This course illustrates the importance of managers and team leaders listening to team member complaints and remaining non-judgmental. This is a pivotal skill –– because what might appear to be a minor issue to the manager may, in fact, be a major problem to the team member.

Learn to:

  • Empathetically listen to team members’ complaints
  • Find the root cause of an issue
  • Effectively resolve workplace problems

Learn to tactfully address and manage complaints in the workplace, and then take your leadership training further. Explore dozens of Vital Learning courses and contact us to help choose the right ones for you.

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