Leading Successful Projects

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As a manager and team leader, you are responsible not only for the performance and development of your team, but also for bringing together and implementing successful projects. Do you have the essential leadership skills to maintain deadlines, budgets and deliverables?

Effective managers have teams that are responsible for projects with a direct and significant connection to the bottom line. Your team management skills allow you to lead projects and participate knowledgeably on a project team to affect the success of your organization.

Vital Learning’s Leading Successful Projects™™ is a leadership development training course that provides the structure, processes and tools necessary to understand the art and science of project management. This team leadership training course identifies the critical phases of every successful project, examining each phase to ensure project control, progress and successful completion.

Learn to:

  • Understand how to easily identify the project goals and key success factors of your project and how it fits into the larger goals and objectives of the organization
  • Define resources, roles and responsibilities
  • Align resources, roles and responsibilities
  • Monitor progress, control and completion

Project management is an essential leadership skill to develop. To uncover additional team leadership training courses provided by Vital Learning, contact us for more information.

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