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So hoFree Restaurant Manager Training Courses




Restaurants need great leaders now more than ever.  

Our courses give your managers the tools they need to:

- Improve customer satisfaction

- Reduce turnover

- Strengthen team communication


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You're in good company. 

Foodservice manager training companies

Issues we help you overcome


Leadership Training for Restaurant Managers

Lack of Restaurant Management Experience

Lack of managerial Experience

We provide easy-to-follow frameworks and positive examples that give your managers the tools and context they need to face new challenges.

Restaurant Team Communication Training

Poor team communication

Our Essential Skills of Communicating course lays the groundwork for your managers to transform the way their team communicates.

Reduce restaurant turnover

High employee turnover

The #1 reason employees leave their job is because of their direct supervisors. Strengthen your supervisors, reduce turnover. 

Unclear restaurant expectations

Unclear expectations

Our Developing Performance Goals and Standards course helps your managers establish clear expectations, and a process for following up.



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