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Expert Tips For Building A Strong Leadership Development Strategy

Are Poor Customer Service Skills Driving Business Away?

When a company seeks to grow its current client base or increase profits, the first impulse is often to invest in pricey marketing efforts or bulk up the sales team. But, in reality, these may not be the solution.

In many cases, it’s more effective to turn your focus inward and examine the customer service skills of your employees. Here are a few statistics that illustrate this point and put the value of customer service into perspective:

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5 Customer Service Training Tactics To Satisfy Tough Customers

We’ve all experienced the difficult customer. (Maybe we’ve even been one!) They argue. They complain. They may even yell.

Since your customer service team members are likely to encounter difficult customers, knowing how to deal with them is vital to your company’s success. Explore five customer service training solutions to help your team members satisfy unhappy customers.

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