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Professional Development: The Essential Topics To Cover Now

Are you looking for professional development courses for supervisors and managers to get them on the fast track? Maybe you have new managers joining your team and want to provide the essential leadership skills training they need to succeed in your workplace. Here are four vital professional development courses you should provide your leaders now.

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4 Essential Steps For Simplified Succession Planning

The next leader of your company may be sitting outside your door. He or she might be the entry-level team member you just hired. These are assets you haven’t tapped into yet, but it’s time to start.

According to the 2014 Report On Senior Executive Succession Planning And Talent Development, companies take about 90 days to replace a senior executive. That’s a long time to halt productivity. The lengthened search is often attributed to the following challenges:

  • Outside hires at the executive level are not always a guaranteed match for companies.
  • Outside hires cost more money, and compensation issues typically arise.
  • Internal candidates are not adequately prepared to take over.

These issues aren’t exclusive to finding top leaders, though. Hiring any level of manager brings these problems, too.

There are four steps to developing an employee. When followed, they help boost employee retention and slow the lag time that comes with replacing leaders. Succession planning isn’t just an investment in future leaders; it’s an investment in the future stability of your company.

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3 Management Training Tips To Attain Effective Communication

When it comes to communication, there is always room for improvement. Achieving communication effectiveness should be a goal in every organization, and one that brings increased productivity to your team.

Billionaire businessman Warren Buffet told a classroom of business students last year that being an effective communicator doubles your value in the workplace. Buffet said that he would give $100,000 to any student in the room in exchange for 10 percent of their future earnings. And if the student was an effective communicator, he would increase the bid by 50 percent because the investment had more value.

If communication carries that much value in the workplace, it definitely warrants an investment in management training. Learn three secrets to effective communication and how to help your managers bring more value to their positions.

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Delegation Training For Managers: Why Is This A Must?

Your managers are overwhelmed. The demands of their jobs are piling up. Stress levels are through the roof. But, does it have to be this way?

Leadership delegation has the power to solve many of your time management problems. By including a delegation lesson in your management training program, you’re giving your team a chance to change the way they work.

So, what benefits come with an investment in delegation training?

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4 Common Causes Of Change Management Failure In Businesses

Change Management Failure: 4 Reasons Your Tactics Won’t Work

Are you tired of seeing your change initiatives fail? If you’re putting a lot of effort into implementing change, only to watch it fall apart, it’s time to reassess your tactics.

The majority of change efforts don’t succeed, and there are a few common causes. When you understand these obstacles, you’re able to craft your change management approach to avoid failure.

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6 Professional Development Goals To Set For Your Managers

Are there areas of your workforce where you want to see improvement, but you don’t know where to start? Perhaps your employees’ job performance is only passable, and you’re ready to see outstanding. Setting professional development goals for your managers is a strategic way to achieve greater productivity and quantifiable results.

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5 Benefits Of Preemptive Change Management Training

Think about the last time your day was interrupted by a staged fire drill. The deafening noise of the fire alarm, the inconvenience of leaving your work behind to practice evacuating the building in an orderly fashion – it was all probably a major inconvenience, right?

The answer, of course, is "wrong." We train in order to prepare for the future, for the unknown. Practicing preemptive training helps you maintain calm when an actual emergency occurs. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, you take steps to prepare yourself in advance.

Change management training is a lot like practicing fire drills (but without the loud noise). About 70% of change initiatives fail, which makes cultivating change management skills so important. While you may not be facing an imminent change right now, one is sure to arise in the future. Preparing yourself in advance helps increase productivity and keep operations running efficiently.

Explore these five benefits to making a preemptive investment in change management and find out how it helps you prepare for the future.

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Movin’ On Up: Retain Winning Talent With Internal Promotion

Did you know that 85% of the global workforce considers themselves to be on the job market? According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2014 study, these candidates are either actively searching for or passively open to the prospect of leaving their current job in the dust. What does that mean for your team members today? Well, it looks like less than a quarter of them are actually content to stay with your company.

When it comes to retaining winning talent, it may seem like the odds are stacked against you. But, you want the continuity of keeping good team members who know your processes, clients and industry. It’s been proven that retaining talented team members saves you money.

One way to encourage loyalty among your employees is by developing opportunities and pathways that lead to promotions. If your workers see a future with you, they’re less likely to look for one elsewhere.

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3 Key Management Training Skills For A Smooth-Running Team

Whether it’s dealing with miscommunication, lack of time or conflicts in the workplace, you face challenges daily that decrease your productivity. Ultimately, you want your team to run like a well-oiled machine, but so many challenges often get in the way.

Fortunately, a smooth-running business is easy to achieve when you master a few key management training skills.

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4 Musts For Choosing The Perfect Management Training Program

If you’ve ever been tasked with selecting a management training program, you know it isn’t easy. There’s an overwhelming number of options on the market, and more coming daily. After the long selection process, you face the possibility of the program you selected falling flat. It might not engage your employees or offer practical tactics for your workplace.

In order to be confident that you’re choosing the right training program for your team, it is essential to take the following steps.

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