Professional Development: The Essential Topics To Cover Now

Learn about four essential professional development topics for your managers.

Are you looking for professional development courses for supervisors and managers to get them on the fast track? Maybe you have new managers joining your team and want to provide the essential leadership skills training they need to succeed in your workplace. Here are four vital professional development courses you should provide your leaders now.


Solid communication skills are often at the root of a smooth-running workplace. And, conversely, poor communication skills regularly lead to division, employee unhappiness and ineffective leadership. If you want to have effective leaders, they need the skills to successfully communicate, and saying the right things is just one element of successful communication. Your managers need the ability to listen to their employees and respond strategically, developing a transparent, trusting work environment. So, when you’re developing a fast-track professional development program, including a course on communication is a good investment.


When you’re looking at training courses for supervisors and managers, don’t overlook delegation. It’s more than just passing work onto other members of your team. The benefits of delegation are twofold. First, with proper delegation training, your managers gain the skills to organize, prioritize and assign work, freeing up time to focus on professional development or other big-picture issues. The second benefit is for the team. Through delegation, employees have an opportunity to gain on-the-job leadership skills training. This improves their self-esteem and the value they bring to the organization. 


One way to gauge the success of your managers is through the success of their team. So, when you’re looking for professional development materials, invest in a coaching course. Your managers should be able to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employees they manage. Then, managers should coach their employees through challenges and capitalize on strengths. Job coaching goes beyond encouraging employees; it involves developing them, too. Managers with strong job coaching skills create paths for promotion, incentivizing employees to stay with the company and improve their quality of work.

Change Management 

Change is always a hot topic in the workplace. It’s usually resisted and fails most of the time.  But, when you invest in change management training, your leaders are better prepared to face change. They’ll have the ability to make transition periods smoother, communicate strategies and steps, and keep their teams motivated. An investment in this training helps to prevent headaches in the future.

If you’re looking for leadership skills training for your managers, you want materials that work. Talk to a Vital Learning consultant to pinpoint your professional development needs.

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