How to Boost Employee Morale After Layoffs

employees getting laid off from work

The decision to downsize and lay off employees is not an easy one. It affects livelihoods and creates uncertainty among employees. Even employees who weren’t let go will be affected. Coworkers and friends have been laid off, leaving others to wonder if they’re next. Staff may also feel a sense of survivor’s guilt, knowing they were somehow spared when others weren’t. The bottom line is that tensions will be high and morale is going to be low after layoffs. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to maintain employee satisfaction to keep the business running smoothly. After a round of layoffs, your top priority should be boosting morale and cultivating a positive working environment. 


Be Transparent

Your employees will be dealing with insecurity following a round of layoffs. Even if you do not intend to lay off any other employees, your employees will still be questioning whether or not their job is safe. In this situation, transparency is key to calming nerves around the office. Start by explaining the reasoning behind layoffs in as much detail as allowed. Address concerns over job safety and the future of the business.

Although you may not be able to share every detail of the company’s plans, learn to be transparent with the information you can divulge. Having an open line of communication with your team can reestablish the trust that may have been lost after layoffs. Learn how to communicate effectively with your employees by sticking to the facts while remaining empathetic to their concerns. 


Accept and Respond to Feedback

Be aware that your employees are likely to be upset and a bit resentful. Understand that these emotions come from a place of fear and confusion. The best way to handle employee anxiety is by listening to their concerns. Take the time to listen to your staff by holding one-on-one meetings or group conversations. Be open to criticism. You can learn a lot about your business just by listening to those on the ground floor. Being receptive to feedback demonstrates your willingness to meet employee expectations. Use these conversations with your team to make changes that will improve office morale.


Build Strong Connections

After a round of layoffs, your employees may feel disconnected from management. In a time of uncertainty, it’s important to bring your team together and show your support. Developing strong relationships in the workplace can foster creativity and collaboration, leading to a transfer of skills and knowledge. These connections can also boost morale and make the daily grind more enjoyable. Start with some team-building activities to break the ice. Whether you’re in the office or fully remote, develop exercises that can bring your team together. You may have employees who haven’t worked together before, but with some time together, they can build a rapport that will improve the office atmosphere and ultimately, workplace productivity. 


Cultivate Employee Education

Invest in your employees by creating learning opportunities to improve their skills. Providing additional support to your team shows that you want them to grow with your business. Develop training sessions and share resources that will expand their skills and promote room for advancement. Extend support outside the office as well. Recognize that your employees have stressors outside of work that they could use some extra support tackling. Share classes that could teach your team practical life skills like budgeting for their lifestyle and future goals. For instance, teaching them how to build credit or about the financial details of the home-buying process can help your employees reach their personal goals, which can improve their overall well-being. The more support you show your workers, the better off your organization will be. 


Show Your Gratitude

Although employees have been spared from a round of layoffs, they will not be feeling entirely secure in their position. Acknowledge their concerns and reassure them that their work is valuable. Showing your gratitude is more than just a pizza party in the office, it’s recognizing the hard work that they put in and emphasizing what they’ve done for the company. Highlight all the ways that your team has contributed to business success, and continue to show your appreciation long after a round of layoffs. 


Commit to Workplace Satisfaction

Don’t stop trying to make your employees happy once they’ve moved on from the layoffs. Continue to recognize their hard work and show your appreciation for them. Your team spends most of their time with you, and they should be able to enjoy that time. Employees that like their job are more productive and want to grow with the company. Their retention is instrumental in developing a motivated team who will help the business succeed. Maintaining workplace satisfaction will take some hard work, especially after layoffs, but investing in your employees’ well-being will be worthwhile in the long run. 


What's The Takeaway?

Boosting Employee Morale after layoffs can be a challenge, but it’s an important step in helping your business thrive. Make sure you take the time to show appreciation for your employees, recognize their hard work, and invest in workplace satisfaction. Doing so will help ensure that your team is motivated, productive, and loyal to the company which will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Learn some additional ways to end high turnover and keep employee retention high: 


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By investing in employee morale, businesses can create a culture of trust and respect that will lead to increased motivation and job satisfaction. With this, employees will be more likely to stay with the company for a longer period of time, leading to better productivity and improved performance.



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