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Essential Selling Skills Part III: Major Sales Call “Don’ts”

One of the key components of being an effective sales representative – one who creates business and generates revenue for your company – is mastering the incoming sales call. After all, the sales call sets the tone for your company’s entire relationship with a customer.

So, do your people have this skill, or are they in serious need of sales performance training?

In evaluating your current sales team, you may find that some team members are comfortable on the phone and connect with customers easily, while others are stumbling through sales calls and having difficulty closing deals. Regardless, even the most experienced sales representatives make mistakes that could cost your company a new account.

Review the following list of sales call “don’ts” to help your team avoid these major blunders and master the incoming sales call.

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Essential Selling Skills Part II: Making Recommendations

There’s a difference between making a sale and building a relationship with a customer. Trained sales representatives shouldn’t always be thinking about closing the deal quickly. They should be thinking about how to use customer-oriented selling to create connections with their prospects.

So, how do you take your sales strategy from hollow to impactful? Focus on your sales team’s ability to make helpful recommendations. If they acquire the skills to do this correctly, they’ll be better equipped to build trust and forge lasting relationships.

Explore these four steps to developing customer-oriented sales recommendations.

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