Leadership Performance Goals: 5 Goals for the Next Quarter

Business leader reviewing leadership performance goalsYou have already established yourself as a good leader. But to be a great leader, you must focus on individual goal setting - not just to advance your own position, but to support and develop your team members. Leaders become great by helping others excel. Focus on achievable goals to enhance the performance of your own duties, bring out the best in team members and advance company objectives. Your performance as the visionary for your organization will improve and your team will rise to the challenge of moving the company forward.

Get started with these five leadership performance goals for the next quarter to turn yourself into a great leader.

Enhance Your Time Management Skills

It's true the boss doesn't punch a clock. But your team still notices when you come in, how late you stay and how you manage your time. Part of great leadership is showing commitment to being present, in the office and in the working lives of employees. Holding predictable hours and taking care of defined tasks makes things easier on you and the rest of your staff. 

Good time management also means delegating responsibilities to others. This not only frees up your schedule, but also helps team members grow and thrive within the organization. Through delegation, employees receive additional skill development and often appreciate your demonstration of trust in their ability to do more. Make it a point to look at your tasks on a weekly basis and determine which you should handle and which can be delegated to other team members. Delegation is an art of its own: learn how it can help your time management with delegation training.

Become a Better Listener

Leaders don't work in isolation. They must build the strength of their teams and keep them focused on the company goal. Employees want to be acknowledged and appreciated -- but most of all, they want the opportunity to use their skills and put their ideas into action. Leaders who listen to employee feedback end up with more motivated employees. 

Instead of working for the paycheck, encourage your staff to become professionally engaged in the company's mission. Next quarter, plan ways to actively seek out employee feedback. Go beyond gathering their thoughts on how the company can improve and actually implement their ideas through demonstrable, actionable steps. While you're listening to your employees, you can plan to learn more about motivating them with our motivating team members course.

Improve Job Coaching Skills

Once employees are motivated, they need the tools to thrive in their positions. Effective job training is what makes your company great. You may have systems in place to support your current team members, but you should always be looking ahead to the key positions that will help your company grow in the future. Make it your goal this quarter to build out training processes for one specific position that you expect to create in the next 12 months. You can get valuable tips and guidance by exploring our job coaching skills course.


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Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills

Your skills, ambition and intelligence may have had a great part in your success, but leaders have to communicate well to their colleagues, team members and stakeholders in order to hold their position and advance to the next level. As a true leader, you should command the attention of a room as soon as you enter. You also have to give the right message in every conversation, email and in-person interaction. We can help you learn more about the negative consequences of poor communication. If you need some expert tips, you can come explore our online communication training course for actionable steps on how to enhance your communication skills.

Define Personal and Professional Goals for Your Team

As important as it is for you to define your own goals to enhance leadership in the next quarter, you should also focus on the goals of your team. Understanding and providing the space for your team members to achieve their personal and professional goals is an excellent motivator. A personal goal might be to achieve a new educational certification; a professional goal might be to climb the ladder of project management. Work with team members to turn these aspirations into SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). This will not only give employees something to work towards, but also the support they need to progress at the company. 

As a leader, you have many roles to play. You must achieve your own goals independent of the company. But you cannot demonstrate excellence in leadership without creating a successful enterprise. Focusing on the factors that go into a growing, sustainable and innovative business, ensuring long-term success, proves your leadership abilities. That means not only improving your own skills, but also supporting and advancing team members and creating a company structure that advances the company's mission.

Given the importance of goal setting in leadership advancement, you should focus on actionable steps you can take towards improvement. We can help. Come explore our leadership performance goals course to learn more.


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